A passion for science

Accelerating learning

At Woodard, we look for scientists who are passionate about bringing their subject to life. If you have the vision, creativity and drive to shape new ways for our learners to explore this exciting subject, we’ll support you every step of the way.

That’s why when Darren Harman – our Director of Faculty at Sir Robert Woodard Academy – developed a plan to involve students in an exciting new engineering project, we were delighted to help Darren and the science team make it happen.

Working with teams at Green Power Motor Racing and Ricardo Engineering – Y9 and Y10 students were invited to apply and be interviewed to join an academy team tasked with building, road testing and racing a brand-new kit car.

Students from across the academy were excited to get involved, with the final team including a mix of boys and girls, including those at risk of exclusion working alongside our gifted and talented youngsters. The team presented their work to local businesses, developed marketing strategies and worked on the planning and construction of the car – combining and deploying skills and knowledge from across the science curriculum and beyond.

This spring, Darren is taking the team to road test the car on the Ricardo UK test track.

A career catalyst

Launching your career with Woodard means joining an organisation committed to your personal and professional development. We want to ensure you have the space to develop your pedagogy but also be there to challenge you to strive for the very best.

Nick Taylor – Director of Faculty at The Littlehampton Academy – switched careers to teaching eight years ago and hasn’t looked back.

Nick said: “It’s been an exciting personal challenge to be involved in The Littlehampton Academy. We want to attract colleagues who share that enthusiasm for being part of a team that is bringing about rapid improvement.”

Nick emphasised the range of exciting development opportunities open to staff – from forging links with universities, mentoring trainee teachers, to enjoying CPD delivered by the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Institute of Physics.

“We see it as our responsibility to give teachers and middle leaders the opportunities to develop their career in the directions they choose. Minimising teacher workload and maximising impact in the classroom means we allow teachers to focus on what really matters,” he said.

We’re delighted that Nick chose to join the team at Littlehampton. And Woodard’s support continues for leaders at all levels. That includes our brand-new Woodard Talent & Leadership Development Programme, designed to provide aspirant senior leaders with the tools and personalised coaching to help them accelerate their journey to leadership.